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Keith Warta, President of Bartlett & WestKeith Warta, Bartlett & West“When we consider the organizations we want to support, we look internally to find those organizations that have personally touched the lives of our employees. What we have found is that Bartlett & West has many employees who have a family member who has been affected by mental health issues. We understand that sometimes children just need a helping hand to move through a difficult situation.

"Our community is fortunate that Family Service & Guidance Center offers so many services to help children and families in need, and we are committed to supporting them so that they can continue to do so.”

Keith Warta, President
Bartlett & West

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FSGC’s Families Supporting Recovery is a collaboration with the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare. IDDT treats teens with both mental health issues and substance use problems, addressing both at the same time. FSGC is the only mental health provider in the country that provides this innovative treatment.