Sydney Ho and Louis Weisshaar

sydney louisAs Sydney Ho and Louis Weishaar planned their wedding last year, one thing was for sure.

“We knew we both had too much stuff,” said Sydney.

So instead of registering for wedding gifts, she borrowed an idea from her sister.

When her sister got married, she and her fiancé asked their wedding guests to make donations to local nonprofit organizations and charities instead of buying gifts. Louis and Sydney liked the idea and asked their friends what three charities they should select for contributions.

“Some of our friends were aware of who Family Service & Guidance Center is and what you do to help kids,” Louis said.

Sydney, a high school math teacher, added, “In my daily work, it’s obvious that there is so much kids are going through. They enter high school carrying all this baggage. Our mental health team at school is stretched as far as they can go, and they can only work within the confines of the school day. For many kids, Family Service & Guidance Center is the only opportunity for help.”

Louis and Sydney agreed that many children and teens today are growing up traumatized by the world around them and bullied by their peers.

Sydney explained, “For example, a student will say they’ve been hurt by something someone said about them, then they’ll turn around and say the same thing about someone else.”

Both of them believe that access to mental health care is a right, not a privilege. They appreciate how FSGC works with schools to connect children and their families to the help they need to live healthier, more productive lives.

Louis said, “We’re glad we chose FSGC because the money will go directly toward helping kids deal with all the issues that they’re facing.”

Sydney, the math teacher, put it very directly.

“Kids should be able to acquire the skills they need to become sensible adults,” she said. “The mental health and emotional regulation they learn at FSGC are what will make them successful. Those skills are more important than being able to find the slope of a line.”

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Did you know?

FSGC’s Crisis Resolution Program is available 365 days a year to help children and families experiencing a mental health crisis.