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Family Service & Guidance Center has been taking its cuddly costumed character Happy Bear into classrooms, school assemblies and a variety of other settings for 30 years to teach children ages 3-6 about a subject that's never easy to talk about: sexual abuse.

With the help of her "teacher" - a highly trained FSGC professional - and the eager children attending the program, Happy Bear learns about "good touch" (like a pleasant hug), "bad touch" (hitting), and "mixed-up touch" (sexual abuse), all presented in a way that is age-appropriate, nonthreatening and easily understood.

Happy Bear not only brings about awareness among children and others who attend, but it teaches perhaps the most important message of all: protection of one's self and prevention of sexual abuse. Children learn what to do if they experience a "bad" or "mixed-up touch." The presenter never names body parts but refers to "body parts they cover up with their bathing suits."

Parents receive a letter via their child's preschool or child care provider in advance of the Happy Bear presentation, allowing parents to call FSGC and ask questions or discuss concerns they may have. Parents always have the option of not having their child attend.

Finally, parents are highly encouraged to attend so they can better understand Happy Bear's important message and then talk openly and honestly with their child.

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Did you know?

80 percent of the children who complete their Early Childhood Intervention Program treatment plan go on to be successful in Kindergarten with no need for further intervention.