Tantillo Family Foundation gift supports two important programs.

therapeutic drummingThanks to a gift from the Tantillo Family Foundation of Overland Park, KS, children in Family Service & Guidance Center’s psychosocial programs will continue to enjoy two very popular, proven group therapy activities.

Young children ages 2-6 in FSGC’s therapeutic preschool will continue to learn from and enjoy regular music therapy group sessions. In addition, older children (ages 6 and up) in the Youth Development Program will continue to benefit from therapeutic drumming activities.

“We can’t express our gratitude enough to the Tantillo Family Foundation for helping us carry on with these two wonderful activities,” said Pam Evans, FSGC Director of Marketing & Development. “Our kids really look forward to music therapy and therapeutic drumming.”

For example, the children in the Youth Development Program see therapeutic as a very special privilege – one they’ll use to hold each other accountable for negative behavior.

“The older kids will encourage positive behavior in each other because they want to be sure they get to go to therapeutic drumming. These activities not only improve the kids’ lives, but it’s something that they truly enjoy,” Evans said.

Activities like music therapy and therapeutic drumming are only possible thanks to the generosity of the Tantillo Family Foundation and donors like you. To learn about how you can change our children’s lives for the better, contact Pam Evans at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 785.232.7902.

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Did you know?

80 percent of the children who complete their Early Childhood Intervention Program treatment plan go on to be successful in Kindergarten with no need for further intervention.