Clinical Staff

  • Delanie Atteberry, LMLP
  • Scott Barkemeyer, LMSW
  • Cara Bass, LCP
  • Veronica Bauer, LCP
  • Drew Belanger, LSCSW
  • Ashley Bennett, BCBA
  • Tina Brackman, LPC
  • Anthony Bryan, LSCSW
  • Patricia Bryan, LSCSW
  • Abby Callis, PsyD
  • Vicki Claassen, APRN
  • Amanda Coonrod, LSCSW
  • Ivonne Cozad, LCP
  • Dena Dean, LSCSW, LAC
  • Madisen DeLuna, LMSW
  • Kolbie Elliott, LMLP
  • Fatma Epps, LMSW
  • Robyn Finckbone, PsyD
  • Mechele Ford, APRN
  • Travis Freed, LMLP
  • Rhonda Halverson, LSCSW
  • Jacqueline Hamilton, LMSW
  • Jessica Hammer, LMLP
  • Haley Hanson, LMLP
  • Sydney Heinen, LAC
  • Danielle Irwin, LMSW
  • Haley Jacobs, LMSW
  • Brianna Johnson, LPC
  • Amy Karr, LMSW
  • Kelly Krueger-Seaman, APRN
  • Lauryann Lake, LMSW
  • Ruben Lara, LMSW
  • Elizabeth Lemp, LMSW
  • Laura Lockwood, DO
  • Rene Lombard, LPN
  • Nicke Masoner, LCPC
  • Meaghan McEachern, TLMLP
  • Yubani Mendoza-Campos, RBT
  • Charles Millhuff, DO
  • Brittany Nesbitt, TLMLP
  • Amy Pike, TLMLP
  • Danielle Pitchford, RN
  • Kirby Pope, MD
  • Amy Punches, BCBA
  • Connie Romig, PhD
  • Adrianna Rooney, RBT
  • Meghan Russell, LSCSW
  • Crystal Scott, LSCSW
  • Katlyn Secrest, TLMLP
  • Karen Smothers, LSCSW, LCAC
  • Megan Songer, LMLP
  • Alissa Steinlage, LSCSW
  • Dana Thomas, LMLP
  • Jessica Vega-Barron, LMLP
  • Jessica Ward, TLMLP
  • Jennie Watson, LSCSW
  • Danielle Wright, RBT
  • Kayleen Ybarra, LCPC, LCAC
  • Shanna Ziegler, APRN

FSGC presents 2022 "Making a Difference Award" winners

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Family Service & Guidance Center is delighted to honor six staff members with the “Making a Difference” Award for providing top-quality mental health care to northeast Kansas children living with anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental health challenges.

The 2022 award winners are:

  • Alex Currier, Case Management/Care Coordinator category
  • Madisen DeLuna, Clinical category
  • Alicia Guerrero-Chavez, Supervisor category
  • Hannah Rigsby, Support Staff category
  • Angelina Rodriguez, Attendant and Respite Care category
  • Alyssa Specht, Mental Health Specialist category

“In a second consecutive year of uncertainty and change, FSGC staff members continued to think creatively and devise ways to deliver outstanding service to our kids and families,” Mills said. “These six staff members went above and beyond, consistently exceeded expectations.”

Awards are given in six staff categories each year. Recipients are nominated by their peers and selected by a diverse committee of FSGC staff members representing all areas of the agency.

Recipients of the award are selected for effectiveness in their work with children, families and co-workers; zeal in promoting the advancement of mental health; and professional interest and involvement.

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Did you know?

FSGC’s Families Supporting Recovery is a collaboration with the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare. IDDT treats teens with both mental health issues and substance use problems, addressing both at the same time. FSGC is the only mental health provider in the country that provides this innovative treatment.