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Child Welfare Forms

Juvenile Justice & Child Welfare Forms

Starting services for Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare children

1. The Universal Child Welfare Packet includes:

    • Service Entry Authorization
    • Foster Care or Juvenile Justice Mental Health Referral
    • Authorization to Release Confidential Information – We will need multiple forms to exchange information with at least the following:
        • Foster Care Contractor or Juvenile Justice
        • Foster Parent, if applicable (your discretion)
        •  Primary Care Physician
        • School
        • Previous Mental Health Providers
    • Consent for Mental Health Treatment
    • Custody Status/Educational Placement/Residential Setting
    • Juvenile Justice & Law Enforcement/Recent History of Present Situation
    • Family History of Mental Illness
    • Family Information
    • Medical Information
    • Consent to Photograph

2. Click the “Child Welfare Document Packet” button below, print out all the forms and sign in the designated areas.

3. Fax all paperwork to FSGC (785.234.4853) – Attention: Admissions

If you experience difficulties opening any forms, please contact our Admissions office at 785.232.5005. We will be happy to email or fax a copy of the forms.

We look forward to serving your needs. If you have any questions, contact Family Service & Guidance Center at 785.232.5005 and ask for Admissions.

Child Welfare Document Packet

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Have any questions about forms?

Reach out to FSGC for additional information about Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare forms.