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FSGC Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight

FSGC Donor Spotlight

The old saying goes, “When you want something done, ask a busy person.” That’s why Allan Towle is at the top of everyone’s list of people to ask for help.

Allan is one of Family Service & Guidance Center’s most loyal donors and supporters. He is the President and CEO of the Fidelity State Bank and Trust Co. where he’s worked for more than 25 years. Allan is a volunteer with several organizations and boards of directors, including the Jayhawk Area Council Boy Scouts of America, the Hayden Catholic High School Board of Trustees and the Washburn University School of Business Advisory Council. He also sits on Family Service & Guidance Center’s Finance Committee and is a past member of FSGC’s Board of Directors.

Allan manages all this while doing the most important jobs in the world: being a terrific husband of 37 years, a proud father of six and a grandfather of seven.

Two donors, Allan and Chris Towle, Stand In Front of Piece of Artwork. Art is Framed Square Shape with Blue, Red, and Yellow Handprints.

We asked Allan a few questions about why he chooses to support FSGC:

What is the most important work that this organization does?

The staff at FSGC demonstrate how much they truly care for each individual and family they serve every day. Caring about the people in our community is critical. It goes beyond the treatment of symptoms. Their services help the individual and family to see their value and learn to successfully manage mental health issues and the difficulties experienced in life.

Why do you enjoy giving to this organization?

On a professional level, I am privileged to represent Fidelity State Bank and Trust Co. in providing an annual gift to FSGC. It is such a valuable asset to our community and provides essential opportunities for individuals and families that allow them to be successful and valuable in our community.

On a personal level, I really enjoy the Works of Heart Event. It allows me to provide financial support while interacting with kids served by FSGC. One year, I was looking at silent auction items and a young girl in front of me was excitedly showing her mother a necklace that she had made. I made sure that my wife and I won the auction for that necklace. Following the event, we found that young girl and gave the necklace back to her. She just beamed with joy and excitement.

Knowing that we are helping people to learn how to manage the difficulties of life is why we give.

What message would you share with others about supporting FSGC?

Helping people identify mental health struggles and learning to manage the difficulties experienced in life is critical for their success. I believe FSGC helps guide people with mental health challenges, reducing the negative effects of the mental health concerns and difficulties of life for the future.

What made you decide to give your first gift?

My wife and I made our first gift to Family Service & Guidance Center when I was serving on the Board of Directors. I had the opportunity to learn how critical the FSGC services are for people in our community. Later, our son had the opportunity to be served by FSGC. His experience in learning to manage anger issues as well as other concerns changed his life for the better.

Member of staff reading picture book to two kids

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