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FSGC Foundation

The FSGC Foundation

About the FSGC Foundation

The FSGC Foundation holds a set of three core ideas:

  1. Belief in FSGC’s works and in the positive potential of all children.
  2. Partnership with our donors and supporters.
  3. Ensuring the long-term viability of FSGC by serving as responsible stewards.

The Foundation’s long-term plan encompasses five strategies:

  1. Expand FSGC’s donor base by educating the community on the importance of access to quality, affordable community mental health services and the crucial role that gifts from individuals, businesses and foundations play.
  2. Invest the endowment responsibly to maximize the value of secured gifts.
  3. Maintain the highest standards of responsible stewardship and accountability for all donors to FSGC.
  4. Conduct fundraising activities with the best interests of the children FSGC serves in mind.
  5. Provide personnel and other resources to support and implement these strategies.


Funds raised through the Family Service & Guidance Center Foundation will empower the organization to continue a century-old tradition of innovation and collaboration in the provision of new mental and behavioral healthcare services and programs. Please consider making a gift to the Family Service & Guidance Center Foundation and help thousands of children, adolescents and families across the region live happier, healthier lives.


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FSGC Foundation Board of Trustees

Amanda Abbott, Chair
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

Jessica Horton, Vice Chair
Heart & Home Design Co.

Kathy Mosher, President & Acting Treasurer
Family Service & Guidance Center

Pam Evans, Vice President-Development
Family Service & Guidance Center

Andrew Wiechen, Secretary
Schwerdt Design Group

Rocky Anderson
Kaw Valley Bank

Bill Cochran
Washburn Institute of Technology

Anita Fry
Stormont Vail Health

Laura Lutz

Michael White
Kansas Contractors Association

Hannah Yeubanks
Kansas Automobile Dealers Association

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