Crisis Services & Substance Use Treatment in Topeka

Youth Crisis & Recovery Center

Important note: If your child or teen is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911. Do not call or come to FSGC.

When you bring your child or teen to FSGC’s Youth Crisis & Recovery Center, you can rest assured they will receive top-quality mental health care in a facility designed just for them.

The Youth Crisis & Recovery Center is a 24-bed, 24,000-square foot facility that houses FSGC’s Crisis Resolution Program for children and teens. It’s also home to the Substance Use Treatment Program where youth ages 8-17 living with mental health challenges and substance use disorders can get the help they need. The Youth Crisis & Recovery Center is the only facility of its type in northeast Kansas.

Crisis Resolution Program
FSGC’s Crisis Resolution Program (CRP) at the Youth Crisis & Recovery Center is designed for children ages 5-17 and families who are in need of intensive crisis services. CRP provides a safe, supportive place where children and adolescents can stay for 24-72 hours, based on their needs. This allows time for the crisis to subside and the family to stabilize, avoiding inpatient hospitalization or long-term, out-of-home placements. CRP is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

FSGC’s Crisis Team also works with the child and their family to meet short-term goals to resolve the crisis and develop longer-term goals to help the child be successful at home, at school and in the community. While staying at CRP, the child is encouraged to continue their daily routine, including school, appointments, sports and other activities. The child’s and family’s needs are re-evaluated by CRP staff throughout the child’s stay, and changes are made to the crisis treatment plan as needed. FSGC’s Crisis Team can also help the family access needed services at FSGC and other organizations in the community.

Intermediate Crisis Services
The Intermediate Crisis Resolution Program’s goal is to divert children and teens from admission to a psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF). To qualify for Intermediate Crisis Services, a youth must meet at one or more of the following criteria:

    • They have been admitted to a PRTF twice in the past month.
    • They are waiting for a PRTF bed to become available.
    • They need help transitioning from a PRTF back to the home setting.

Children or teens who meet one or more of these criteria may be admitted to the Intermediate Crisis Resolution Program.

The FSGC Crisis Team works intensively with the youth during their stay at the Youth Crisis & Recovery Center. They participate in individual and group therapy every day along with other therapeutic activities. In addition, weekly family therapy is required in order for the child to participate in the program.

The child’s progress and needs are evaluated daily by the Crisis team throughout their stay and changes are made to the treatment plan as needed. FSGC’s Crisis Team can also help the youth and family access needed services at FSGC and other organizations in the community.

Overnight Respite Care
The Youth Crisis & Recovery Center provides Overnight Respite Care for current client families whose child or teen is at risk of inpatient hospitalization. Families who qualify for this service can schedule overnight stays for their child. The use of Overnight Respite Care can help families avoid mental health crises and reduce the need for crisis services.

Short Stay
Short Stay provides a safe, structured environment for children who have been suspended from school for up to 10 school days due to mental health-related issues. Short Stay allows them to work on the emotional and behavioral issues that led to their suspension. A crisis attendant care provider may be paired with a child to offer one-on-one supervision and support while they are in the Short Stay Program. CRP must have a copy of the child’s terms of suspension to be admitted.

Substance Use Treatment Program (OPENING SOON)
FSGC’s Substance Use Treatment Program treats youth living with concurrent mental health challenges and substance use disorders. Many of the program staff are licensed mental health professionals who are also certified addictions counselors. In addition, a robust family outreach component gives youth the best chance at a healthy, lasting recovery when they return home. Eight beds are available and there is a maximum stay of up to 28 days for clients who meet specific criteria

On a given day, children and teens at the Youth Crisis & Recovery Center may participate in a range of services, including:

    • Intensive individual, group and family therapy
    • Therapeutic activities and games
    • Case management
    • Care coordination
    • Medication-assisted treatment
    • Parent support, including follow-up outreach and education
If your child or teen is experiencing a mental health crisis or substance use emergency, call 785.232.5005 anytime day or night and ask to speak to Crisis Services.