IDDT receives Bank of America grant

FSGC is pleased to announce that the new Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT) program has received a generous $4,000 general operating grant from Bank of America.

“Bank of America has been a loyal supporter of FSGC for several years,” Pam Evans, Director of Marketing & Development, said. “We’re very grateful that they’ve chosen to partner with us in this very substantial way.”

IDDT is an evidence-based practice with adults, but has never been used with teens. FSGC will collaborate with the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare to help adolescents ages 12-18 with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Both disorders will be treated concurrently by the same treatment team. FSGC is the only mental health care provider in the country providing IDDT services to youth.

Two out of three youth with a substance use disorder also have a diagnosable mental illness. Youth with co-occurring disorders are at greater risk of addiction, more frequent hospitalization and suffer more health problems.

Erin Evanson-Lass, LMSW, LAC, Co-Occurring Treatment Program Coordinator, said, “This generous contribution will help bring this new, needed program to our clients and our community. All of us on the IDDT team are eager to get started!”