Anxiety Treatment Program gets a new leader

Crystal Scott, LSCSW, is FSGC’s new Anxiety Treatment Program coordinator, the organization has announced.

Scott takes over for Dr. Abby Callis who will be dedicating more time to her responsibilities as Director of Utilization Management.

“I’m eager to continue providing effective treatment for our clients while also exploring ways to expand the program to most efficiently meet kids’ needs,” Scott said.

Dr. Callis is confident the program is in very capable hands.

“Crystal is a skilled clinician who will be an exceptional Anxiety Treatment Program team manager while continuing to provide top-notch treatment for her clients,” she said. “She’ll bring a wealth of knowledge to her team members and colleagues as well as community members who need guidance or information related to anxiety and its treatment.”

Scott has worked with the Anxiety Treatment Clinic since 2011. She won the FSCG 2017 Distibnguished Staff Award, Clincial Category, last January.

To learn more about the Anxiety Treatment Program, contact Crystal Scott at 785.232.5005.