Envista Challenge boosts FSGC Real World Parenting series

Family Service & Guidance Center’s generous supporters love a challenge.

So when Envista Credit Union invited FSGC to be the beneficiary of their October EnvistaCares Challenge, the organization welcomed the opportunity.

“EnvistaCares is a wonderful new program,” said Brenda Mills, FSGC Chief Executive Officer. “For every dollar we raised to help kids living with anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental health issues, Envista matched it, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $2,500. To secure the $2,500 gift from Envista, we needed to raise $2,500.”

Tara Dimick, Chief Business Development Officer for Envista, said the EnvistaCares Challenge grew out of the credit union’s desire to do something new and different to better the community.

“Our goal at Envista is to lead, inspire and make an impact with our giving,” Dimick said. “As an innovator and recognized leader in children’s mental health services, Family Service & Guidance Center is an incredible example of an organization that touches thousands of children and families in our community.”

With the help of Envista, FSGC told its story on radio and billboards as well as via social media. When the end of the month rolled around, FSGC supporters stepped up in impressive fashion, raising $5,390. Add on Envista’s $2,500 match and a total of $7,890 was raised.web story tara and brenda with kids

“We’re excited that Envista’s generous $2,500 gift was earmarked to cover the costs of the Real-World Parenting Presentation Series in 2020,” Mills announced. “The $5,390 was deposited in the FSGC Foundation and used in the areas of greatest need.”

She continued, “We’re humbled not only to have been chosen for the EnvistaCares Challenge but by the way our donors and friends responded to this opportunity. It’s not every day you have the chance to turn $1 of hope and healing into $2 worth.”