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Outpatient Therapy in Topeka

Outpatient Counseling

An individual approach to children’s mental health

Outpatient therapy in Topeka  is a very common part of mental health treatment, delivered through a series of visits with a counselor at Family Service & Guidance Center.

Meet the Staff

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How it Works

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Individual therapy can take place in a counselor’s office, on a walk on FSGC’s campus or while fishing in FSGC’s pond. It can also happen via Zoom or over the phone. Our providers tailor Individual therapy to meet an individual child or teen’s unique needs. Appointments happen as often as needed—once a week, once or twice a month, etc.—depending on the nature of the child’s mental health challenge.

Individual therapy is beneficial in lots of situations that cause stress, anger, grief or conflict. It gives children and teens the chance to talk through complex feelings, problems or situations confidentially with a trained, compassionate mental health professional. It may not make problems disappear, but it will give the child or teen the skills and tools needed to deal with problems in a healthier, more appropriate way.

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Group counseling is counseling with multiple kids or teens being treated at the same time by a therapist or two. Groups are usually made up of four to eight clients and can be very beneficial. We usually hold weekly or bi-weekly groups in a meeting room or group room at FSGC.

Most children and teens living with mental health challenges think that no one else is going through what they experiencing; group therapy allows them to see that they are not alone. Group members learn about themselves by listening to others with similar challenges. They also get tremendous support from other group members. Group counseling also provides the opportunity to practice communication and social skills in a safe, structured environment.

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Family therapy is provided by a licensed mental health professional and is designed to help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. In most cases, family therapy is short-term. It may include all members of a family or just those who want to participate. Each family’s therapy plan is different, depending on their unique situation and needs.

Family counseling can be useful in any situation that causes stress, sadness, anger or conflict. Family therapy can teach skills that work to enhance relationships and continue working, even after counseling is done. It can improve strained relationships with a spouse/partner, children or other family members. Family counseling can also help address specific problems like financial worries, conflict between parents and children or the effects that substance abuse or mental illness have on a family.

Why choose FSGC

Family Service & Guidance Center is the only community mental health center in Kansas dedicated exclusively to meeting the unique mental health challenges of children, teens and families.

We serve over 10,000 children each year from more than 30 Kansas counties with direct clinical services, education and outreach. Our highly trained, dedicated professionals are here to help.

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Don’t let little problems become big ones.

We know how hard it is to be a parent. FSGC can help. Visit the “Get Started” page now and pre-register your child for services at Family Service & Guidance Center. The sooner they get started, the sooner they’ll begin to heal.

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