FSGC debuts new TV spot

FSGC has a new – and very different – TV commercial hitting the airwaves.crying girl commercial imagemakers

If you haven't see it yet, you can view it here .

Pam Evans, Director of Marketing & Development, explained that the new spot is one that will appeal to parents’ emotions.

“A lot of parents will see the younger boy losing his temper or the teenaged girl isolating herself and be able to see themselves in that same situation,” she said. “We’re hopeful it will empower parents who are concerned about their children to call us.”

Photographer and videographer Collin MacMillan of ImageMakers in Wamego produced the spot which will air on 27 News and Cox Cable.

How do I start?

How do I start? (Image of smiling children)

Family Service & Guidance Center
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Did you know?

The FSGC Foundation was formed in 2009 to ensure the agency’s long term viability, regardless of funding cuts or other economic uncertainties. Each year, the Foundation awards thousands of dollars in needed funds to improve and enhance various FSGC services and programs.